We’re short-listed for Hard Rock Rising 2013!

  Alhamdulillah, we, with 49 other bands in Malaysia are short-listed for Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands 2013. All the 50 bands who are short-listed will have to enter the… Continue reading


Yes, the title of our new song is the title of this post. Told you it was based on the hints, right? So, it is now available free for streaming. Hope you guys… Continue reading

Sunny Saturday, Not.

Rais finished up his vocals for a new song this evening. Now all that’s left is just post-production, so stay tuned for this song to be uploaded in the near future . I could… Continue reading

Headbanger Rais

This is what you get when you mix Jasin with Rais and Muzz.

The Rolling “Waves”

Guess Who Showed Up?

Rose came in today to record a song here at Ezra Merza’s Home Studio, Bandar Sri Damansara. Wrapping it up soon enough. Stay tuned for the final product!


Under the Weather.

“Rain Prediction”

So far it’s been so good, After several unsuccessful vocal takes throughout December 2012, today marks the day of perfection. We’ve managed to complete Muzz’s vocal track for a new song. Rais, on the… Continue reading

We Are Now On WordPress!

What is up guys? This would be our first post here on WordPress. Still getting the hang of it though (been setting it up all by ourselves). Well there’s not much we can… Continue reading